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Below is a picture of a my Maximat 7L. I bought this through a government surplus auction and feel I got a good deal. It didn't look like it had been used very much. After I had bought it I found out that it had been purchased years ago when they department had to use up a budget surplus and there had been no real use for it, tax dollars hard at work. It has the optional four speed milling head. Unfortunately the change gears were missing when I got it. As this lathe is no longer in production I had a hard time finding the gears. Thanks to somebody seeing this website I was told to check with Blue Ridge Machinery as they are the US distributors for EMCO. I haven't had to cut threads with it since I got the gears but it's nice to know the machine is capable of it should the need arise. The stand the lathe is currently on is what it came with but I'm planning to make a better stand with tool storage when I have the time.

The specifications on the Maximat 7L are;

  • 3.5" (90 mm) centre height.
  • 7" (180 mm) swing.
  • 24.6" (600 mm) between centres.
  • 9 change gears to cut threads from 0.4 mm to 3 mm and 8 to 80 tpi

Emco Maximat 7L

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