CNC Router









This is an ongoing project of mine to build a CNC router which I could use to make patterns for sand casting, or possibly lost wax or lost foam casting. The XYZ gantry on the previous page is just an example of the style that I want to make. I haven't had the time to build the gantry yet.

Below is the printed circuit board, which I bought from Camtronics. It is a 3-axis board and will drive up to 5A/axis. In this picture I have pretty much finished populating the board although I still haven't installed the IC's in the sockets. The next picture shows the interior of my completed stepper driver/power supply.

Camtronics PCB inside driver

Below you can see my completed stepper driver/power supply. This picture shows the plugs on the back where I will connect the wires for the stepper motors and limit switches as well as the printer cable from the computer.

completed driver gantry router

I have hooked the driver up to an old 486 notebook computer that I have and did some preliminary tests and it seems to be working. Now that the driver is completed I just have to build the gantry table so I have something to control. The last picture shows the general style that I'm planning on building with a moving gantry.

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