Welcome to my website. I set this page up as a few people were interested in some of my hobbies. I'm currently living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and am presently without a shop to work in so the hobbies have slowed down.

I've tried to optimize my site but it is fairly graphics intensive. However it should load relatively quickly as I've done what I can to limit the size of the graphics. The page is setup and tested on MS Internet Explorer v6.0 and Opera v7.0 with the monitor resolution set to 1024X768 on a 17" monitor. This is not because I think this is the best, or only setup, just what I currently use.

I would appreciate any comments, either about the site or the information contained on it. If you are unable to send me an e-mail by clicking on one of the email links just use your email program and my email address of :. Unfortunately I've had to take some steps to hide my email address due to all of the spambots on the web which grab email addresses for the purpose of sending spam. The email address above is actually a graphic so you have to actually type that into your email program to send me a message. The email links are cloaked to make it harder for the spambots so may not work for everyone.

To ensure that you can always find this site make sure the bookmark points to www.schoepp.ca as that will always get you to my website, no matter what ISP I'm using or where it is located.


Al Schoepp


March 23, 2010
Repaired several broken links.
February 12, 2007
Repaired broken links and made minor editorial changes.
March 30, 2006
Repaired several broken links, added some pictures to the people page..
March 28, 2004
Repaired several broken links.
February 12, 2004
Made some very useful (and free) programs, BeamBoy, Convert, ME Consultant and ME Threads, available for download on my shop page.
February 10, 2004
Updated some information on my links page.
January 28, 2004
Changed my email address and tried some new cloaking techniques for it so hopefully it won't get picked up by the spammers as easily.
January 23, 2004
Repaired some broken links.
September 20, 2003
Repaired some broken links and added some pictures to the Electrolytic Rust Removal page.
September 17, 2003
Added some some reference information pages, Tap Drill Charts, Machine Tapers, and General References.
August 31, 2003
Added some a page with information on Electrolytic Rust Removal. Added a Foundry Test page with information on the casting of a cup, saucer and spoon as a test of skill (or lack thereof). Also some small editorial work on several pages.
July 28, 2003
Updated some information on the HOME page and added some pictures and information on my new job in the WORK page. Added some information about a new casting on the PROJECTS page.
March 18, 2003
Updated the entire site to remove frames.
March 5, 2003
Updated the LINKS page to include a list of books that I found useful for my shop work.
February 8, 2003
Updated page on my MAXIMAT to reflect the new change gears.
January 8, 2003
No major changes, just some editorial work.
January 7, 2003
Added pictures of a stand I built to the PROJECTS page and pictures of some friends to the PEOPLE page. Added a link to the website for the Opera web browser on the LINKS page.
December 24, 2002
Removed dead link from CANADA page.
November 11, 2002
Removed dead link from PROJECT page.
October 2, 2002
Corrected an error in the drill sizes chart.
September 17, 2002
No major changes, just some editorial work and changed the email address for feedback.
June 29, 2002
Updated the LINKS page with information on some books I recommend and added a link to a used book search site. Added more information to the GATING page.
June 27, 2002
EDM page updated with pictures of the control pcb and the HOTWIRE FOAM CUTTER is complete with the information updated on its page. Repaired broken link to Canadian facts on the CANADA page.
June 22, 2002
Added an OTHER page which I plan on putting stuff which doesn't seem to fit anywhere else. It currently has some information on a couple of games I wrote for the HP100LX/200LX palmtop computers.

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